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You can catch your stressors around you, at time. Safe and continuous measurement at work, at home, or anywhere.



With our system, you can refer the improvement things in you life.



We help you to develop yourself, or your company.

  Take control over stress, with our real time measuring system!
The new generation of stress management is no longer just a one-time test, questionnaire or measurement. Most importantly, the sooner we can recognize the surrounding life stressors. If you recognize them, just learn to deal with and can improve much faster. We can help you to recognize your stressors!
NGstress is a real time stress measuring system to prevent from negative stress (distress). It works continually in the background, and gives alerts (cf. EWS = early warning system), when the user(s or team-members) is getting to stressful. When the stress level getting higher, the leaders in a company receive an alert, and they can see which organization unit is more stressed at the time or where can be expected, that the stress approximates a critical level shortly. The users can also see their (own) stress level, and the system gives feedback and suggests customized solutions to reduce stress level.
For companies

Developed HR organizations are increasingly recognizing the risk of workplace stress and make preventive steps to reduce the level of stress for workers. The leaders of your company will get an alert, when the employees are more stressed, and they can manage the problems at the time! Our sofware is under validation.
For individual users

Work, learn, child rearing, traveling, business ect... You have many things to do in your life. You can live with stress, moreover, you must have to live with stress. Stress could be positive (eustress) and negative (distess). Our application works in the background, and when you have more distress in your life, our app can detect it, and it will give an alert and tips for You, to minimalize distress. The application is under construction, and validation.
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